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You like free racing games, superfast, giving thrills, welcome to IMPACT BOX 3D: Music Racer.The Basis of this game is similar to Audiosurf.This 3d racing game use your own music to give an unique engrossing experience. Become a rhythm racer; try to survive as long as possible in racing dynamics.If you survive, the race will become super-fast.
The goal of the game: The racer must Avoid unexpected obstacles and don't crash!Discover in each level a new environment, new colors and a new kind of obstacle.In the extreme race, you will have other goals such as reaching a maximal score and making some combos.This endless freeracing gives the feeling of high speed and turbo effect.You like speed; impact box 3D is your fast racing game.
For more sensation, the racer can race while listening to some music. 3 pieces of music have been selected to give an extreme speed sensation, a total immersion in this racing game. The racer can also race while listening to his music.
This game offers a unique experience thanks to synchronized Music.In a turbo speed ambience, this game offers to racer a dynamic and animated environment based on the rhythm of the music. This is a rhythm racing game.It is aggressive and superfast like Voxel Rush, addictive and exciting like SpeedX 3D, Futuristic like TRON, Rhythmic like Audiosurf and Music Rider.The player could challenge other players in the world trying to get the best score.
Enjoy it!

★★★ FEATURES ★★★
• Survive on infinite highway and travel as fast as lighting.• Animation of obstacles based on the rhythm of the song.• Race and listen to the music of your choice.• The more aggressive your racing, the more combos you get.• Accelerometer-controlled.• Use boosters powerful like Slow Motion to survive. • Survive events like Tunnel of Death • Pass near the obstacles to make combos and get more points.• Achievements and leaderboards (Google sign-in required).

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